NOELSI ltd. innovative trade and production organization.

Since 1998 till 2010 the NOELSI company belonged to a group of companies "UNITONE", but in 2010 it became an independent company that focused on the development, manufacturing and realization of x-ray equipment.

Together with Korean companies Dongmun Co.Ltd, Poskom Co.Ltd, Soyee Product INC, Chinese Academy of Sciences XIOPM Weihai photoelectron base, Japanese Toshiba Corporation and RF Co.Ltd, the Ukrainian Group of companies "Teleoptic", Italian CEI (Compagnia Elettronica Italiana Srl), NOELSI developed the concept of improving the methods for rapid imaging techniques using modern and qualified materials and technologies.

The development of the production base of the company made the ideas of leading designers and engineers come true.

Participation in international exhibitions, seminars, conferences, constant communication with specialists of radiology at helped the NOELSI company to have sustainable realization of manufactured products.

Commitment to excellence, desire to maintain its leadership in the development and production of various X-ray diagnostics systems stimulates active position NOELSI company in the international market.

The aspiration to perfection, the desire to keep company`s leading position in the development and production of various X-ray diagnostic systems keep an active position in the international market.