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Congress of the Russian Association of Radiologists 5 - 7 November

5 - 7 November 2015 Moscow the Congress of the Russian Association of Radiologists, conducted by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and a number of leading academic and professional communities of our country held. In scientific meetings and sessions of Congress in 2015 priority was given to the problems of diagnosis in oncology. But it has not gone away, and all other areas of Radiology. 

Attention was given to innovative, interdisciplinary approach to solving the problems of clinical medicine, integrated use of modern technology medical imaging. There were meetings and round-table discussions, including a meeting of the special commission on radiotherapy and diagnostic tool Russian Ministry of Health, working groups, which discussed the development of postgraduate education of specialists in radiation diagnosis in the light of education reform in the Russian Federation; reorganization of the service of radiation diagnosis in the Russian Federation, created and developed clinical guidelines. 

Order of the Russian Ministry of Health of the profile commission meeting on radiodiagnostics meeting was held, attended by the heads of the Department of Health of the Russian Federation.


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