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According to the World Health Organization the osteoporosis problem ranks No.4 from the point of view of social, economic and medical significance, following cardiovascular, oncological diseases and diabetes.

At present the best method of indirect evaluation of bone content is x-ray absorptiometry, measuring bone mineral density.

The developed method allows x-ray examination of human bones, determination of bone tissue density in the set area with statistical accuracy of not worse than 1% both in hospitals and in the field conditions (using mobile x-ray units). Accumulated measurement error does not exceed 3%.

The method can be implemented both in form of PC-based work station with patient data bases and image processing module to calculate density and with the use of "cloud" technologies and obtainment of density values within 3-5 minutes.

Based on the methodology one created experimental digital x-ray densitometer which passed clinical tests in the Central Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics. Data, obtained in the course of tests in terms of errors do not differ from similar data, obtained by application of imported densitometer "LUNAR".


Scintillation screen with charge-coupled device matrix

Field size: 20x20 cm

Radiation exposure:

Optimization of the patient dose

Efficient patient dose < 1mR

Measurement accuracy

Statistical accuracy - 1%

Systematic accuracy - 3%

Software is easy to handle and operate.