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Portable x-ray unit DIG-360 was developed at the beginning of the 21st century based on the innovative technologies. The use of processor control in combination with frequency converter ensures high efficiency of DIG-360 designed for large hospitals, clinics, private establishments and for emergency situations.

Peculiar features of DIG-360 x-ray unit are:

- Compact and light design.

- Digital LED display.

- 6 modes of preliminary setting of processor storage.

- Automatic voltage compensator.

- Remote switch with manual control for exposure.

- Halogen lamps of collimator.

- Scale - distance measuring tape and laser pointer.

Portable x-ray unit DIG360 is certified in Russia, has Registration Certificate of the Ministry of Public Health. Offered for sale in Russia since 2006.

The complete set of the unit includes stand with electric elevator, which ensures movement of DIG-360 along the stand column, verticity as well as rotation about unit plug axis. Thanks to that one can make x-ray images with the patient being in any position. DIG-360 x-ray unit is easy to remove from the stand and can be used without stand, which ensures expansion of the application range. Boundaries of the field of radiation are determined by light collimator.

On the unit panel there is kV switch with the range from 40 to 100 kV in increments of 1 kV and mAs switch with the range from 0.4 mAs to 100 mAs, for 25 positions.

On the panel there are keys for selection of photography parameters from the fixed memory and button for photography mode reprogramming.

The complete set includes:

1) Stand

2) Metal case

3) Power cable

4) X-ray radiation activation cable

5) Operating manual in Russian