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DM 100P


DM 100P

DM 100P portable x-ray unit is the most reliable unit of all portable x-ray units ever produced. It was developed by the request of the USA military by Korean engineers for operation in the filed conditions. The unit body has additional mechanical protection, ensuring unit resistance to damage in case of falling or heavy shock.

The control panel of DM 100P x-ray unit is easy to use and does not require special training.

The unit has been produced in the Republic of Korea since 1994, and is offered for sale in Russia since 2005. Up to date more than 200 units have been sold in Russia to different state and private organizations.

DM 100 portable x-ray unit has registration certificate of the Russian Federation Ministry of Public Health and GOST certificates.

Characteristics of DM 100 portable x-ray unit:

- Power source: single-phase supply mains with the voltage of 220-110V and frequency of 50-60Hz

- Maximum current consumption: 15A

- Output power: 50 Watt

- Output parameters: maximum voltage of 100kV, maximum current rate of 30 mA

- Range of output power during operation and time setting:

10mA at 100kV during 0.03 sec to 5 sec

15mA at 90kV during 0.03 sec to 5 sec

20mA at 80kV during 0.03 sec to 5 sec

25mA at 70kV during 0.03 sec to 5 sec

30mA at 60kV during 0.03 sec to 5 sec

- Exposure time: for the purpose of quick and accurate operation and long service life semiconducting timer is combined with condenser and resistor of increased reliability. 23 time spans (sec) are provided for.

Time setting: 0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.08, 0.10, 0.12, 0.14, 0.16, 0.18, 0.2, 0.25, 0.30, 0.40, 0.50, 0.80, 1.00, 1.20, 1.50, 1.70, 2.00, 2.50, 3.00, 5.00 sec.

- Integrated manual voltage compensator ensures compensation of supply mains of up to 15%.

The adjustment range ensures performance of any x-ray examinations of different body parts with high image resolution and definition. DM 100 portable x-ray unit can be used with x-ray film and with various digital x-ray systems.  

DM 100 can be applied both with special stand and without it. Standard stand, supplied with DM 100 portable x-ray unit, allows easy movement and installation in different positions with regard to the subject.  

The complete set includes:

1) Stand

2) Metal case

3) Power cable

4) X-ray radiation activation cable

5) Operating manual in Russian