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Ministry of Emergency Situations

Portable x-ray systems are indispensable in extreme conditions of medical aid delivery. Low energy consumption allows connection of the unit to portable electric generators and radiographic examinations in the field conditions.Our company is the supplier of such organizations as the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Disaster Medicine Center. Our x-ray equipment is used by medical departments of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, military field hospitals, special automobile emergency rooms, mobile x-ray rooms and private traumatology centers.For example, during natural disaster in the Far East, the specialist on the vehicles, equipped with the sets of x-ray equipment, could deliver medical aid and perform examinations in severe conditions.After the act of terrorism in Volgograd the Ministry of Emergency Situations took active part and provided special-purpose airplane for emergency medical evacuation of injured to Moscow.In Prokopyevsk of Kemerovo region there was methane explosion at Dzerzhinsky mine. At the time of explosion 105 persons were inside. The accident was eliminated by the group of more than 100 specialists with application of 20 units of equipment, including 80 persons and 10 units of equipment of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.